How to Get Natural-looking Eyelash Extensions

A smile is one beautiful feature of women that can make any man kneel, and when followed with beautiful eyes, it is simply breathtaking. To look more gorgeous and appealing, women these days go for natural-looking eyelash extensions. The key to getting this look is with the help of a lash artist, who has mastered the art of fixing the eyelash extensions naturally.

With the aim of availing the best service when you decide to get eyelash extensions, you should keep the below mentioned things in mind:

Variety is the Key

To create the set of fine length and volume, use the eyelash extensions with different thickness, length, and curves. The diameter of the eyelash varies from 0.05 to 0.25, length from 8mm to 16mm with different curls like B, C, D, L, etc. When you mix all these three, you will get a feathery, soft, and a natural look for your eyes.

Use the mink eyelash extensions for the ultra-natural look, and silk eyelash extension for the dramatic look. Keep in mind that both of these extensions demand proper maintenance.

Know your Curls

A thorough understanding of curls will let you ensure what type will best suit you to get a natural look. Every woman seeks for a different look, which makes it vital to have the knowledge of the curls so that to get the desired look. For the natural looking curls, match the extensions with the natural curls so that volume can be added to them. If you have slight curls, then you can go for B or C curls, as this will offer effortless beautiful vibe.

Texturizing Your Lashes

To create a natural looking or a dramatic lash set, imitating the natural eyelash growth pattern is vital. So use the shorter and thinner eyelash extensions for naturally growing eyelashes, whereas, longer and thicker eyelash extensions can be used for fully developed eyelashes. Texturizing your eyelash set will prevent from the harsh lines and also provide you with natural-looking eyelashes. For a natural look, use mink eyelash extension, as it will also provide full and fluffy looking eyelashes giving the lighter and beautiful finish.

Look beautiful is totally in your hands. So before going for the eyelash extensions, know what your artist is offering you and how you can take the best service. Get a demonstration on the type of eyelashes your artist has suggested for you.

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